West Springs/Cougar Ridge Community Association

The West Springs/Cougar Ridge Community Association serves the  growing population of the West Springs/Cougar Ridge community which has a rich mix of cultural diversity, abundant natural parks and green space, recreation facilities, and shopping and services at our Community Core.

The Association is a not-for-profit body that has proudly served the residents of our community since 2002 and is run by a group of dedicated volunteers. The scope of our work revolves around many issues in our community including development, transportation, parks and green space planning, plus recreational and educational programs for all ages. Our organization serves as a conduit to City Hall as the voice for our residents.

We are a proud member of the Federation of Calgary Communities, whose mission is to improve neighbourhood life in Calgary by providing services and programs that create, support and sustain vital and representative community associations.


Volunteer Opportunities

Is this going to be your year to get involved in the community?

The West Springs/Cougar Ridge Community Association has many different volunteer positions available, all of which provide a great opportunity to meet new friends in the community and gain valuable experience. Show your community colours by joining our efforts.

Do any of these positions have YOUR name on them? Or perhaps you and a friend or spouse would like to tackle one together? Or do you have ideas of your own, bring them forward and we can help make them a reality.

Board Positions

Some of our current Directors will be finishing up their terms in June and we’re always looking for some new volunteers to join our Board in those positions.

If you share an interest in this community and want to contribute to its success, please consider joining our Board. To request more information about these positions, please email us at: president@wscr.ca.

Civic Affairs Committee

Do you want to make a difference in YOUR neighborhood? Are you eager to know what’s going “up” in the community? Keen to work with a committee that has a say in how development will shape this area’s future? The Directors of Civic Affairs need more devoted volunteers to lend a hand on their committee to help review and respond to development and re-zoning applications. Please Email Civic Affairs to
request more information.

Traffic Committee

Traffic is a growing concern in our community. If you are interested in becoming involved with and organizing a new Traffic Committee to find solutions to our traffic challenges, please email us at president@wscr.ca for more information.

Sports & Recreation

We have a great soccer program and have begun work on creating new winter programs, and we looking for new ideas and people to help plan recreation for our growing community. If you have any ideas or would like to get involved, please email us at : sports@wscr.ca to share your ideas or for more information.

Our popular soccer registration is in January, you will need a valid WSCRCA membership to register for the spring soccer season. They are only $25 and available here.

Other Opportunities

We can always use help; drop us an email with your contact details and how you’d like to help make our communities great. Email us at communications@wscr.ca to share your ideas or with any questions you might have.

What does the Community Association do for us?

The Community Association holds monthly Board meetings, usually the first Tuesday of each month, to discuss and plan for life and issues in our community. These meetings are open to the public. Our city alderman sometimes attends these meetings as well.

The Community Association:

  • Represents your community to the city
  • Liaises with the city regarding planning and traffic matters such as the West LRT.
  • Plans and organizes fundraising for the community
  • Plans and runs community events like:
    – Community Clean-up
    – Stampede Breakfast
    – Youth Soccer
    – Day Camp

Homeowners take note: All of the above increases the value of your property!

We have strong community spirit in West Springs/Cougar Ridge. Do your part and join the Community Association and, if you can, volunteer to make it even stronger, we can always use more help and it’s a great way to meet residents of your community!