Schools & Residents’ Associations


The following schools operate within the WSCRCA boundaries:

West Springs School
8999 Wentworth Ave SW – 403-777-6244 – Grades K-4

West Ridge School
8903 Wentworth Ave SW – 403-817-3552 – Grades 5-8

St. Joan of Arc Catholic School
7970 Wentworth Drive SW – 403-500-2107 – Grades K-9

Calgary French and International School
700 77th Street SW – 403 240 1500 – Preschool to Grade 12

Calgary Waldorf School
515 Cougar Ridge Dr SW – 403-287-1868

Other schools that are zoned for students in our community to attend include:

Westgate School (French and Spanish Immersion)

Wildwood School 

Rosscarrock School

Vincent Massey Middle School

Ernest Manning High School

Western Canada School (French Immersion High School)

Residents’ Associations

The community of West Springs/Cougar Ridge encompasses several subdivisions, some of which have a Residents’ or Home Owners’ Association.

Cougar Ridge Resident’s Association

Springside Residents’ Association

Wentworth Residents’ Association

West Grove Estates HOA

Westpark Residents Association

West Springs Farm Home Owners Association

The WSCR Community Association and each Residents’ or Home Owners Association work in parallel to serve the needs of the community. While the Associations serve different purposes, they both play an important role in maintaining the standard of living in the area.

WSCR Community Association

Residents’ or Homeowners’ Association

  • Represents all subdivisions within its boundaries (from Cougar Ridge to Bow Trail, 101st Street to Coach Hill) in discussions with The City of Calgary, land developers, schools, and other organizations.
  • Organizes recreational and informative programs for community members.
  • Organizes community-wide social events.
  • Membership is voluntary.
  • Maintains the landscaping and other amenities in the various public green spaces for a specific subdivision.
  • Annual fees are mandatory and are secured by an encumbrance registered against the property title. Fees must be paid in full prior to the sale of a home.