Alderman Pootmans Ward 6 Spring 2014 Update

Richard Pootmans Ward 6 AldermanWard 6 News: April 2014 W6 Report (Vol. VIII)


Thank you for the privilege of serving you at City Council.   This Report will be published several times a year with the objective of informing you of our Ward 6 activities, sharing community news and asking for your feedback. Please let us know if you have any other ideas for your Ward 6 Report!

Richard Pootmans – Councillor – 403-268-2167
Kathy Morgan – Executive Assistant – 403-268-1646
Guillaume Remond – Communications & Community Liaison – 403-268-1035
New part time 2014 addition – Eileen Badowich – Community Correspondence Assistant – 403-268-1577

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The following are brief notes of some of your Ward 6 team achievements and ongoing work on your behalf at City Hall since the election:

  • As Chair of the Audit committee, I am pleased to report that we approved 7 value for money audits to be performed by the City Auditor in different business units
  • At Council we approved zero based reviews of City business units that start with a process of assessing whether Calgary is really best served by having the City delivering the service
  • Performing ongoing assessment of all LRT feeder bus routes with adjustments being made as required
  • Continue to work with Transit security on new smart phone apps to enable discreet alerts of inappropriate behaviour posted by riders
  • Secured unanimous Council support for changes to the Transit Access Handi-Bus service for the physically and mentally challenged to gain fair use of this service
  • Testing solar powered flashing cross walk lights for City-wide use.  We hope these highly desirable safety lights will be much less expensive to install than what currently exists.
  • Won Council support for an innovative solution for cell tower locations in new communities, planning in advance for tower locations to provide some certainty to home buyers where the towers will be placed
  • Working with community associations and neighbourhoods on traffic congestion solutions and ensuring the Provincial ring road project is part of our traffic solutions in the Ward
  • Presented plan for comprehensive service enhancements for public transit services (extended peak hour feeder bus service in our Ward) to Council at budget debate. Sadly though, this did not get council support. I will renew this fight at the November budget debate


West LRT One Year Review

Calgary’s Transit 2013 ridership has grown by 5.5 million, totalling 107.5 million passengers, which makes Calgary fourth behind Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver in terms of Transit Ridership. The West LRT project added 8.2 km of double track, six new stations and a number of improvements for connecting pedestrian, cycling and vehicle infrastructure. This portion of the LRT line now serves 32,400 customers each weekday (as of fall 2013)…Read more

Calgary Transit Funding & RouteAhead – Moving Forward

With RouteAhead approved by Council in 2013, a blueprint is in place for Calgary Transit for the next 30 years. This plan places a target measure of 3.7 hours of service per capita vs 2.36 today…Read more


17 Avenue Light Synchronization

Traffic Light Signal Engineers are currently programming and testing controllers for any malfunctions between the West LRT and pedestrian and vehicles, which include new clearing of track phases (delayed red light) to allow vehicles to cross LRT tracks. These new controllers will be installed on the 17th Ave & Simcoe Blvd and the 17th Ave & Sirocco Drive traffic lights, allowing for more flexibility and control over signal lights, including pedestrian crossings and advanced left turns. The engineers are currently on track for a scheduled installation in the first half of 2014…. Read more

2014 Seasonal Updates

To date, Calgary has received 105.5 centimetres of snow, significantly higher than the 30 year average of 90.04 centimetres. An increased level of service was required to ensure city streets, including many residential roadways, were salted, sanded and plowed….Read more

Spring Cleanup

The 2014 Spring Clean-up program will officially begin on April 22, 2014. The program typically begins a week earlier, but has been pushed back due to current weather conditions. On March 31, Council directed Roads to reduce the 2014 Spring Clean-Up budget by approximately $700,000
dollars, or 10 per cent…. Read more


The Calgary Foundation

In April, five winning applications will be awarded a $5,000 Soul of the City Neighbour Grant and will be featured in a documentary video to share their story. Soul of the City Neighbour Grants helps people put into action their idea to improve, enhance, or revitalize their community or neighbourhood…Read more

Thank You to An Outstanding Community Volunteer

Simon Batcup has recently stepped down as the President of the Signal Hill Community Association after a highly successful seven-year leadership commitment. He will continue as Past President as a transition while the new President Chris Matugas joins a very strong team in great financial shape, which Simon leaves as part of his legacy. …. Read more

Multi-Family Recycling Strategy

On January 29, 2014, Waste & Recycling Services (WRS) presented a report with a strategy for multi-family residential recycling. Following this report, Council recommended that the Multi-Family Recycling program consider partnerships with the private sector, allowing the private recyclers to work directly with the multi-family building owners. This strategy would drive efficiency, and allow multi-family unit owners to choose the private company that would deliver the best value for their unique needs… Read more


City Business units continue to work with individuals, business owners and organizations impacted by the flood. Approximately 6,000 homes were flooded and approximately 4,000 businesses were impacted. Since the flood, Community & Neighbourhood Services (CNS) have visited more than 1,300 residents to assess needs, offer support and information to almost 3,000 residents at open houses and community information sessions…. Read more


2013 Year-End Animal & Bylaw Services overview for Wards 1-14

  • 131,739 total service requests and calls for service from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013
  • 76,035 calls for service requests (SRs) from January 1, 2013, to December 31, 2013
  • 55,704 administrative requests from January 1, 2013, to December 31, 2013

The most common service requests were:

  • Bylaw – Waste and Sign Concerns (14,838)
  • Bylaw – Property Maintenance Concerns (12,643)
  • Corporate – Graffiti Concerns (9,773)
  • AS – Animal at Large (7,245)
  • Bylaw – Trees, Weeds and Grass Concerns (5,226)

Read more

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11 thoughts on “Alderman Pootmans Ward 6 Spring 2014 Update

  1. There is a parking garage on 69th street for the LRT and the reserved signs state that the spots are reserved from 2-10. Having talked to transit they informed me that the reserve is from 2 am until 10 am. Why is it not clearly stated? People are wanting to park especially for stampede and do not realize that they can park in those spots after 10 am – something needs to be done to improve these signs.

  2. 85th Street between Timberline Gate and Mystic Ridge Gate is a very narrow, curvy, hilly, unlit, and dangerous stretch of roadway that is desperately in need of a major upgrade. The road is in very poor condition which is made worse by heavy equipment, large commercial vehicles, and school buses. Just last week there was a head-on collision between a car and a dump truck pulling a trailer. When will needed upgrades be performed??

  3. I applaud the opening of the new LRT stations. what I don’t quite understand is why is there so few parking spots? The Signal hill Lot is full by 7:30AM the one by the rec center is full by 7:00 if we really want people to use this service we need to realize that people will take there cars to the closest station as at the end of the day most families have other activities that they need to go to.

  4. Things to consider with this bicycle fiasco
    -bicycles should be licensed like any other vehicle
    -tickets should be issued for riding on the side walk and in cross walks (either your a pedestrian or a bike not both)
    -the price of bike parking should be reviewed and tickets should be issued for chaining you bike to parking signs etc
    -pedestrians that are hit or almost hit by a cyclist should have a number they can call to have a ticket issued to the licensed owner

    1. That was put on hold by the previous government. We will likely find out the NDP’s planned timeline during their mini budget next week, or during the fall session.

  5. 3 suggestions to calm traffic on Signal hill
    1. Dual turning lanes eastbound on 69th St and HWG 8
    2.Dual turning lanes eastbound on Richmond Rd and 5800 block
    3. Synchronize traffic lights with CTrain on 17th Ave. Stopping traffic north-south to enable train should be an automatic green light for east/west bound traffic on 17th Ave. There are delays now.

    And something should be done to fix the “seven seas” wavey bumpy road of Sierra Nevada Green, beginning onSierra Madre Cresent travelling west. It has been like that since we moved here in 1999.

    Thank you for listening

  6. Unnecessary Lane Closure on Hwy 8 west of Glenmore Interchange: It’s been 2 weeks since construction activity stopped on a small stretch of Hwy 8, yet the lane remains closed. This has caused considerable disruption to eastbound traffic on Hwy 8. There are no safety issues, no unfinished roadwork, zero activity/ construction vehicles.

    When I worked in the oil industry on rural construction projects, I recall going to great lengths to develop a Traffic Accommodation Plan in compliance with Alberta Transportation regulations. This was all in the interest of minimizing traffic disruption on a rural gravel road which saw about one vehicle every 10 minutes. Yet here in the City of Calgary, no one seems to monitor/ enforce contractor activity in this area. One is more likely to see a policeman handing out tickets for speeding in a 60 km zone!

    Bo W

  7. Richard,
    Regarding the 30 million dollar surplus. If you try to drive out of Wentworth any given morning you have on ly one lane of traffic to get out in any given direction. Old bank coach road narrows to one lane at 85 street and heading west into Springbank. 85 street narrows to one lane at Bow trail to make room for some lovely trees and a large grassy Boulevard. At least we have nice landscape to look at while you sit there. Add a skiff of snow and the lane backs up from bow trail to St Michaels Church. This has not changed in the 6 years we have lived here. I suggest you lobby for some of this money to attain the needed land to build a decent road out of this. Owner of Calgary.



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