Bed Renewals for 2019

Are you already planning your garden for 2019?  Would you like to lock in the same garden plot for 2019 and be able to do some fall planting or preparation for next spring?  If so, read on and act by October 31.    If you know that you will not be returning to the garden next year, we will miss you, but would appreciate it if you could let us know.

Option 1:  Renew Now – Same Bed until October 31
Gardeners may renew their rental contract for their current bed by registering for 2019 by October 31.  As we advertised last spring, the rental fee for 2019 will be $50 per year.  You will recall that 2018 was discounted to $40 because we had a late start and were still under construction.

Renew Now

After October 31, beds that have not been renewed will be considered available for selection by other gardeners as part of Early Bird Registration.

Option 2:  Early Bird Registration – February 1 – 28

Gardeners who want to choose from available beds will be able to do so during the Early Bird Registration period which will run from February 1 – 15.  After February 15, bed registration will be opened further to people on our waiting list.

Option 3:  General Registration Opens – March 1