City of Calgary Spring Yard Waste Drop Off

From April 19 – June 2, the City of Calgary will accept yard waste at landfills around the city.

You can take leaves, branches, and plants to any city landfill for composting FOR FREE!

Before you leave for the landfill:

– Make sure your load only contains yard waste like leaves, branches and plants. There may be a cost if your load contains other items.

– Your yard waste should be in a paper yard waste bag or left loose. Please cover and secure loads of loose yard waste before you transport it.

– Check landfill locations and hours.

– Please note that this program is for residential customers only. Commercial loads will pay the regular yard waste rate.

More information at

Here’s a video explaining why composting is so much better than dumping yard waste in a landfill:

One thought on “City of Calgary Spring Yard Waste Drop Off

  1. Keep your branches and bundles of twigs and stems in a corner of your garden until the end of summer, then take them to the local fall leaf drop off point. No plastic bags or ties, use natural twine to tie it all up, and large paper bags for loose material. The city will eventually get around to picking it up, maybe by November. In the meantime, you can compost a lot of your yard waste yourself at home, grass clippings, leaves, etc along with household compostable waste in cheap plastic compost bins. Just remember to mix a little soil in and keep a 50:50 ratio of brown to green material. Also keep your compost bin contents slightly moist with water as it needs a little moisture to cook. We have to take responsibility to reduce as much waste as possible.

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