Community Garden donates 150 lbs. of vegetables to the Calgary Food Bank

With fall just around the corner, a team of gardeners assembled on Sunday, September 15 to reap the harvest from the West Springs/Cougar Ridge Community Association Community Garden philanthropic beds. Three large beds within the Community Garden are reserved and planted each year for donation of the produce to the Calgary Food Bank. Last spring, the team, alongside two CO-OP West Springs managers, planted carrots, potatoes and onions with great hopes for a bountiful harvest. Over the summer, the beds were watered, weeded and the health of the plants was closely monitored. Their labours were rewarded with a yield of 150 lbs. of vegetables (64 lbs. of carrots, 56 lbs. of potatoes and 30 lbs, of onions) which were donated to the Calgary Food Bank this week.

Thanks to Anisa K. for leading this effort from start to finish and to her team of willing volunteers (Liz, Karen, Holly, Adam, Lorraine, Stacey, Howard, Mary, Kevin, Karen). Our sincere thanks to CO-OP West Springs (especially Scott, Manny and Mike) who not only provide annual financial sponsorship of the Community Garden, but whose staff assisted with planting, watering, harvesting, lending us the plastic crates, composting the green waste, and making the delivery to the Food Bank.

This year’s results exceeded the 100 lb. challenge set last year when we donated 82 lbs. of vegetables to the Calgary Food Bank. Congratulations!

Borrowing crates from CO-OP West Springs
Onions ready to pick!

Our harvesting team digging up potatoes.
(from left to right: Lorraine, Liz, Howard, Stacey, Manny, Karen, Mary, Anisa)

Pulling the carrots.

Our 2019 harvest….150 lbs.!
Weighing in!
Manny & Mike from CO-OP help with the delivery.

For more information on joining the Community Garden for the 2020 growing season, please e-mail

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