Custom Fit Mouth Guards for Adults & Children

Limited Availability Left

Wentworth Family Dental is offering a custom fit sports mouth guard at the discounted price of $25 to members of the West Springs/Cougar Ridge Community Association.
Reserve your spot online, then call Wentworth Dental to make an appointment to fit your guard and submit your payment. Reserve Here

Once you’ve been fitted, and the mouth guard is ready (about 7 days) Wentworth will call you to pick it up. Note children under age 18 must have their parents sign a consent form at the appointment.

Who: This is open to Adult and Children members of WSCRCA. Minimum age is 7. Parental consent required if under 18. If you currently have braces, the guard is not recommended since it won’t fit properly over braces.
What: Wentworth Family Dental is offering an upper, custom fit sports mouth guard to WSCRCA Members only for a discounted prices of only $25.00. It is based on a mold taken of your teeth. The regular price at Wentworth Family Dental is $95.00.
When: July 15, 2016 – September 30, 2016 (but only 100 are available and they are going fast, so reserve yours soon)
Where: Wentworth Family Dental – #6101 873 85 Street SW
How: After reserving your mouth guard, simply call Wentworth Family Dental at 403-217-6453 to book your appointment for the custom fitting and submit the fee.
Only $25 for Members: The difference from the $95 is being covered by Wentworth Family Dental. Only a few more available and maximum of 2 per household.

Not a member yet? You can become a WSCRCA member for only $25 by clicking here.

Click here to reserve your mouth guard today.

For any questions, please email Troy Gibson at

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