The mandate of the Planning Committee is to represent the community in a fair, balanced, and responsible manner on a variety of development-related issues in our neighbourhoods.

We seek to represent the best interests of and provide a voice for the community as a whole in providing feedback to the City and key stakeholders on development proposals for our community.

Community residents may contact the Planning Committee at on any development or traffic issues affecting our community.

The City of Calgary maintains a Planning & Development Map which links to details of applications for land use redesignations and development permits.

City of Calgary Planning & Development Map

Disclaimer: While we strive for accuracy and currency, we cannot warrant that any third party documents posted here are the latest and most accurate from the developer and/or City.

The link below shows the projects in our area with links to the City’s planning system for the details in the description for each marker on the map.

Map of WSCR Development Projects

The West Springs Cougar Ridge Community Association (WSCRCA) has, for many years, followed a practice of not conducting surveys on matters such as Land Use Amendment (LUA) applications, major Area Structure Plan (ASP) changes (such as the West Springs ASP) or major transportation initiatives (such as the west LRT expansion or the construction the ring road). To read more about the reasons which underlie that practice please click on the link below:

Surveys on Development Issues