Feedback on Walk Zone for WSCR Middle School

Feedback on Walk Zone for WSCR Middle School

The Calgary Board of Education is in the process of finalizing the walk zone for the West Springs / Cougar Ridge Middle School (currently targeting to open January 2017).

The walk zone will impact transportation services and lottery acceptance if future registrations exceed available space.

Much of the following information is found on the following CBE page:

“Before the walk zones are finalized, parents and community members have another opportunity for input.”

The proposed walk zone for the WSCR Middle School can be found here:

You can then complete an online survey to provide your feedback at

This survey will be open until Monday, November 23, 2015.

They anticipate making a final determination of new school walk zones by early December 2015, once finalized the new maps will be available on the project pages for each of the new schools.

For additional information, you can visit their page here:

If you have questions, concerns or require additional information regarding walk zones, please contact CBE Transportation Services at or 403-817-7433.

One thought on “Feedback on Walk Zone for WSCR Middle School

  1. While I am thrilled the Middle School is becoming a reality for our residents, I have grave concerns about the expected high volume of vehicular traffic in the community at pickup and drop off times. As it is, there is a substantial amount of vehicles at these times. Drivers are failing to yield to pedestrians, speeding, and making dangerous illegal U-turns. This possesses significant risk to pedestrians and other commuters.

    The walk zone should represent a “true” walk zone. If the catchment area is to include areas outside the “walk zone” measures need to be taken to reduce vehicular traffic. It is prudent that adequate and efficient bus transportation be provided to families so that they will actually use the bus instead of adding to the existing traffic congestion.

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