Sarcee Interchange

Construction on the Sarcee Trail – TransCanada Highway (TCH) Interchange is ongoing with no permanent full road closures anticipated over the spring season.

Construction activity will increase over the next month depending on the weather warming trends.

The new east and west bridges require only the finishing surface treatment and are expected to open with the northbound and southbound by-pass ramps in May 2017.  With these new by-pass ramps being opened, the new two-lane exit ramp to southbound Sarcee Trail will also be opened to traffic.  Following the opening of these two bridges and related ramps, all Sarcee Trail traffic will be switched onto these new roadways to allow the construction of the final roadworks and roundabout to access the new development and adjacent communities.

Work on the upgrades to the southbound to westbound on-ramp to the TCH has begun with the construction of a new retaining wall to support the widened pavement and re-aligning the pathway to accommodate the improved entrance ramp design. The pathway will be closed with a detour in place until this construction is completed in August.

Full project completion is expected this fall.

For information on The City of Calgary Bowfort Road construction project, please call 311 from within the City or 403.268.CITY.

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