Gravel Pit

In early July 2016, the government of Alberta officially broke ground on the Southwest leg of Calgary’s Ring Road. The project is projected to cost $2.2 billion and conclude by 2021. The contractor for this massive project will soon be digging a new gravel pit directly adjacent to the Wentworth area.

The new pit will operate 12hrs a day, 7 days a week for 5 years. The gravel pit will be in operation between 8am – 8pm, Monday to Saturday and 9am – 8pm on Sundays and holidays. It is expected to extract five million cubic meters of gravel and the site will start crushing gravel by March 2017.

A significant increase in truck traffic is expected, however, this traffic will not proceed through community streets. To access the site, trucks will travel north on 101st street from Highway 8 and exit along a parallel road, back down to Highway 8.

In order to mitigate the negative effects of the gravel pit, the contractors will:

  • Build a 3m tall and 20m wide berm between the site and the adjacent homes;
  • Ensure a minimum 10m buffer between community and berm;
  • Perform continuous noise and dust monitoring, including:
    • 65-decibel noise level restriction
    • Watering and other dust mitigation activities
  • Build a three perimeter fences to restrict access


For more information and for detailed maps of the area, please visit the links below

Info Session Handout Page 1

Info Session Handout Page 2

CBC News Coverage re Gravel Pit

For more information on the Southwest Calgary Ring Road development, please visit

If you have questions you may contact the following:

SWCRR Project:

24/7 phone:  403-212-0565


Members of the community are actively advocating several measures to mitigate the impacts of this project on our community.   MLA Deborah Driver has asked to be the point person for all requests, concerns and questions and has advised that written input (email or letter) are most effective in bringing those items forward within the government.  Some useful email addresses of key contacts are included below.

MLA Deborah Drever

You may also want to copy the following in your email/letter:

Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure
Email: and

Councillor Richard Pootmans

Premier Rachel Notley:

Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Karen Grimsrud

Health Minister Sarah Hoffman

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