Gravel Quarry Update #3 – Treed Shelter Belt Is Confirmed

North Calgary Gravel Quarry
Update #3  from MLA Drever’s Office- March 15, 2017

We Can Confirm a Treed Shelter Belt

We are very pleased to announce that Alberta Transportation has agreed to create a shelter belt of trees within the 10 metres between the berm and the property line. This is in no small part due to the letters that were emailed and faxed to the constituency office following the community conversation on February 4th. Thank you to all of those who followed through with the request.

  • The trees are scheduled to be planted this spring when the environment has become favorable for planting
  • The treed buffer zone will be 520 metres long
  • White Spruce, Long pole Pine and Trembling Aspen trees will be planted together with 9 trees distributed in every 10 metre increments
  • A combination of yearling and mature trees will be used varying in height from 1-3 metres tall which will grow in height and width in the coming seasons

** For better perspective, please click on these links to review the accompanying images that outline where the trees will be planted.

WCRR Pit – KGL Plan Tree Planting and Clearing-1

Tree plan

MLA Drever has been committed to expressing the community’s concerns related to this project with Alberta Transportation. The Ministry has assured us that they are absolutely willing to listen to your concerns and do what they can to reduce the impact of this gravel operation on your daily life, while still meeting the requirements of this important project.

  • In response to your concerns about truck traffic on 101 Street, KGL is working to develop a two-way haul road that will allow trucks to travel in both directions from the gravel pit to Highway 8—bypassing 101 Street altogether.
    Tree Clearing for haul road
  • In response to your concerns about the location and size of the sound barrier that the contractor will be building to deflect noise and dust from the gravel pit away from your homes. It has been moved west and raised in height to four metres.
  • You asked that the back-up alarms on our contractor’s trucks be modified to reduce the amount of noise they make. We’re doing this.
  • You asked that we ensure site lighting is oriented away from the community and only used during working hours. We will make sure this happens.
  • In response to the concerns raised about ambient air quality, 3rd party monitoring will be installed along the property lines and around the construction site. While there is currently no legislation for ambient air quality in the province of Alberta, or federally, Alberta will be adopting Ontario’s guideline—a non-occupational exposure limit of 5 microns per cubic metre of air over a 24-hour period. (The non-occupational limit is lower than occupational because it errs on the side of protecting more vulnerable segments of society—i.e. children—and assumes 24 hour exposure.

A 24 hour telephone line has opened to further support an open line of communication with the community during the life of this project. You can call the project’s 24/hour phone line at 403-212-0565, or email at

Upcoming Actions at the North Calgary Gravel Quarry

KGL will be moving forward with site clearing at the gravel quarry in the next week.

This will include tree clearing and topsoil removal on roughly six hectares of land for the gravel site and four hectares for the haul road.

  • This will include tree clearing and topsoil stripping on roughly six hectares of land for the gravel site and four hectares for the haul road.
  • The tree clearing will take place during daylight hours starting at 8 a.m. Mondays to Saturdays and 9 a.m. on Sundays. It is expected this work will take approximately two to three weeks to complete. Noise disruption should be minimal.
  • Only trees that need to be removed to allow for work and access to the site will be cleared. Every effort will be made to leave trees where possible.
  • This work is being done now to adhere to federal requirements. Tree clearing of this kind must be completed before mid-April, so as not to disturb the nesting patterns of both migratory and non-migratory birds.
  • All efforts will be made to retain the existing trees between the berm and the property lines.
  • Once the tree clearing is finished, the remaining clay layer of earth will be removed. The berm will then be built between the mining area and adjacent homes.

KGL is hiring for the construction of the South West Calgary Ring Road (SWCRR)

As it has been said before, these construction projects create good paying local jobs for Albertans. KGL is hosting a Job Fair on April 1 and hopes to fill 300 positions for their work on the SWCRR. It is estimated that over 8,500 person years of employment will have been created over the life of this project.

Event Details:

Construction Trades Job Fair

Saturday April 1st, 2017
10:00am – 4:00pm
Delta Calgary South Hotel
Nakiska Ballroom
135 Southland Drive S.E

KGL is looking to hire for the positions of: Heavy equipment operators, Construction Craft Labourers, Crane operators, Surveyors, Traffic Control Persons, Heavy Duty Mechanics, Carpenters and Quality Field inspectors

KGL’s human resources team and construction superintendents will be at the event to meet applicants and conduct interviews.

Additional information regarding the positions is available on our website at

Resumes can be submitted at any time to . Please include relevant work experience, details on trades tickets or training, and other useful background employment information.

The constituency office is here to support you and to assist you. If you have any questions or comments related to the North West Gravel Quarry, or any other matter that relates to you or the community, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Calgary Bow Constituency Office

6307 Bowness Road NW
Calgary, AB T3B 0E4
(T) 403.216.5400
(F) 403-216-5402


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