New WSCRCA Skating Times at COP

WSCRCA has secured public skating times at John Snyder Arena at WinSport throughout the winter. We have changed some of the early morning times to make them more convenient:

Original Booking Rescheduled Booking
Dec.8 7:15AM Feb.9 10:45AM
Dec.15 7:15AM Feb.10 8:45AM
Dec.22 7:15AM Dec.22 8:15AM
Dec.29 7:15AM Dec.29 9:00AM
Jan.5 7:15AM Jan.6 8:45AM
Jan.12 7:15AM Jan.12 7:45AM
Feb.2 7:15AM Feb.3 4:30PM
Feb.23 7:15AM Feb.24 8:30AM

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