Soccer Volunteer Roles

Age Group Coordinator (U4/U6/U8/U10*)

For their age group, the Age Group Coordinator will:

  • Assign players to teams with the list provided from WSCRCA
    *Note: U10 team selection will may be done by WSCRCA or an independent 3rd party)
  • Inform all volunteers of their roles
  • Forward each team’s roster to the Team Manager.
  • Provide all communications to the Team Managers regarding the program
  • Answer all e-mails


Coach (U4/U6/U8/U10)

  • Provide instruction with the help of the Assistant Coach
  • Motivate the team
  • Attend the coaching clinic


Assistant Coach (U4/U6/U8/U10)

  • Assist the Coach with providing instruction to the team
  • Fill in for the Coach if they are unavailable


Team Manager (U4/U6/U8/U10)

  • Provide all the information to the Coach and parents from the age group coordinator
  • Know what field the team is playing on and what team they are playing against
  • Make sure you are at allotted picture time
  • Help coordinate volunteer duties at the windup (i.e. bringing the pizza/drinks to the team)


Team Equipment Manager (U4/U6/U8/U10*)

  • Collect equipment for your team from the equipment coordinator
  • Set up and tear down equipment at each practice
  • Take home equipment at the end of each practice
  • Return equipment at the end of the season to the equipment coordinator
  • Report any missing or damaged equipment to the Age Group Coordinator
  • * U10 – Set-up, tear-down the nets from the Waldorf field locker and place back in locker.


League Field Setup

  • Paint lines and number fields 1 week prior to the commencement of the program
  • Refresh lines as needed, which may be every 2-4 weeks depending on weather and wear.

Picture day

  • Assist photographers
  • Call teams to their allotted times

Year-end wind up

  • Arrange pizza and drinks, in coordination with WSCRCA Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Arrange pick-up/ delivery of pizza and drinks to the tournament location
  • Distribute to team
  • Distribute photos and medals to teams