Spring Transit Service Revisions and West LRT Customer Survey

Our Ward 6 Alderman, Richard Pootmans, circulated this email this week:

Hello Ward 6 Residents,

We thought that we should notify you of the service revisions that Calgary Transit will be making that come into effect Monday, March 11, as well as the Customer Survey that will be launched also on Monday as part of the ongoing West LRT Network Review. Please see the details below and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Spring Service Revisions

Beginning on Monday, March 11, Calgary Transit will be making their annual Spring Service Revisions. Some of these revisions impact Ward 6 residents. Please be sure to check the revisions below to see if your route is affected.
Service adjustments are made four times a year to reflect ridership counts and feedback from customers and transit operators, changing traffic and ridership patterns and existing budget resources.

These adjustments are made to:

    Improve schedule reliability
    Improve transfer connections
    Extend routes in new areas
    Add service where needed
    Reduce service where ridership is low

Revisions impacting Ward 6 residents include:

    Route 73 (Circle Route): Removed 8:17am school trip from Bow Trail at 37 Street to Chinook
    Route 93 (Coach Hill/Westbrook): Added 6:43pm trip from 69 Street Station to Coach Hill
    Route 94 (Strathcona/Westbrook): Added 6:03pm trip from 69 Street Station to Strathcona. Modified 5:22am trip to leave at 5:19am from eastbound 17 Avenue and 69 Street SW
    Route 452 (Wentworth): Time point “B” on westbound Wentworth Drive at 85 Street moved to eastbound 9 Avenue at Wentworth Rise SW

Please visit www.calgarytransit.com​ for details regarding weekend service.

Customer Survey – West LRT Network Review

As many of you know, our office has been engaged with Calgary Transit over the past few months in an ongoing review of the West LRT Network. We continue to receive a great deal of feedback about both the LRT line itself and the associated bus network. This feedback has been instrumental in directing the focus of the ongoing review, so thank you to those of you who have called or written in to our office or Transit.

When we met with Transit near the end of January to discuss next steps, we determined that it was necessary to undertake a customer survey in order to capture a range of experiences on the LRT and on the buses. Calgary Transit will be conducting this survey starting on Monday, March 11. The survey will be hosted online​ and will be available until at least April.

Calgary Transit will have staff handing out informational cards about the survey at each of the six West LRT stations and their accompanying bus terminals and stops for the next two weeks. Staff will be at each station for three days at varying hours to ensure as many customers as possible have the opportunity to participate.

The survey will ask customers about their impressions and experiences on the West LRT system and the bus service in the region. The final outcome of the survey will be a report highlighting customer impressions, changes to customer choice and transit use. The report will serve as an important guide, along with ridership data, in determining future changes to the West LRT area transit network.

For those who wish to complete the survey but do not have internet access, print copies with pre-addressed and pre-paid envelopes will be made available by calling 403-262-1000.

Further details are available on the Ward 6 website.

Kind Regards,
Richard Pootmans, Ward 6 Alderman

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