WSCRCA Letter To Council Re: Trinity Development and Paskapoo Slopes

A letter was sent to the City of Calgary from Chair, Planning and Development Committee of WSCRCA Lars Lehmann on July 19 2015.

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Here is the text, and a pdf download of the letter:

7137 16 AV SW, 7529 16 AV SW, 7757
SW, 8395 CANADA OLYMPIC DR SW, 8475 BOWFORT RD SW, 8511 16 AV SW, 8610

Request for Comment

Dear Sirs:

The West Springs Cougar Ridge Community Association has participated in the Joint Advisory Committee with regard to this development since its inception and prior to this under the preceding application (LOC2010-0004) , and participated in many meetings, open houses and information sessions regarding this application, over the past 6 years.

The West Spring-Cougar Ridge Community Association (the Board) concurs with the proposed Land Use Amendment in the form approved by Calgary Planning Council in June, 2015, subject to the following conditions and comments.

We strongly urge the full and complete turnover by the applicant of all of the indicated MR and ER open spaces on the Paskapoo slopes to the City of Calgary as soon as possible, and as a condition of any approval by City Council, in order to permit integration with the proposed Paskapoo Slopes Natural Environment Park and the regional pathway system.

These lands represent the “critical mass” of this proposed park, and any further delays in bringing them under appropriate management should not be necessary. Without these dedicated lands, it is impossible for the City and all interested (and passionate) stakeholders to begin the process of a long term vision, management plan (including access points from West Springs Cougar Ridge and other communities), and sound preservation of sites within this envelope.

It is also vitally important that the public regional pathway system currently existing along the escarpment in Cougar Ridge connect with and extend through WINSPORT/Trinity more or less along the old Bowfort Road corridor to permit public access to WinSport facilities as well as any new development to the west of Bowfort Road NW in the new development.

We also strongly urge the applicant and the City to formalize and make it a condition of approval that there will be a pedestrian and cycle pathway underpass constructed under the Sarcee Trail interchange to the east of this development as soon as possible, to connect with the Bowdale subdivision. We further urge that Council mandate a timetable for construction of a pathway crossing of the Bow River further to the east, in order to promote city wide connectivity alternatives from all present (Valley Ridge, Crestmont, West Springs Cougar Ridge) and any future communities to the west and south of this

We also STRONGLY urge the applicant and the City to formalize and make it a condition of approval that a new pedestrian overpass be constructed over 16 Avenue NW (Trans Canada Highway), between this development and the community of Bowness, at the eastern end of the development, and that the City not rely on the Bowfort interchange for pedestrian and cyclist connectivity to Bowness. The upgraded roadways and increased commercial development along the 83 Street NW Corridor, present significant barriers to pedestrian and cycle mobility, and the lack of pathway leading into the community of Bowness (and schools in this area), will decrease the ability of future residents living within this application to connect to services they need and want to access in Bowness, without using roadways. A well designed elevated pathway across 16 Avenue NW will be a legacy that will connect and give a greater sense of community, and again provide strong alternatives to vehicle traffic for new residents and those working in the proposed development area

If you have any questions, please contact the undersigned at the address noted on our letterhead.


Lars Lehmann

Chair, Planning and Development Committee
West Springs Cougar Ridge Community Association