Residents’ / Homeowners’ Associations

The community of West Springs/Cougar Ridge encompasses several subdivisions, some of which have a Residents’ or Homeowners’ Association. Both the Community Association and the Residents’/Homeowners’ Association play an important, but different role in maintaining the standard of living in our community.

WSCR Community Association

Residents’ or Homeowners’ Association

  • Membership is voluntary.
  • Represents all households within its boundaries (from Cougar Ridge to Bow Trail, 101st Street to Coach Hill) in discussions with The City of Calgary, land developers, schools, and other organizations.
  • Organizes recreational and informative programs for community members.
  • Organizes community-wide social events.
  • Membership is mandatory
  • Annual fees, if levied, are secured by an encumbrance registered against the property title. Fees must be paid in full prior to the sale of a home.
  • Maintains the landscaping and other amenities in the various public green spaces for a specific subdivision.

Here are links to several of the Residents’ / Homeowners’ Associations within our boundaries:

Cougar Ridge Resident’s Association

Springside Residents’ Association

Wentworth Residents’ Association

West Grove Estates HOA

Westpark Residents Association

West Springs Farm Home Owners Association