Bow Trail Widening – Project Update from the City – June 28

Construction will begin the week of July 2, 2018. It is anticipated that there will be minimal impact to traffic as the new westbound traffic lanes are being constructed north of the existing Bow Trail.

Construction work will typically take place from Monday to Saturday, from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m., and will be conducted in accordance with the Community Standards Bylaw. Some Sunday work may be required.

Additional construction updates will be provided as they come available. Please note: All construction is weather-dependent, so construction times could change.

The project web page has the latest information and updates:

Design highlights of the new Bow Trail

  • Add eastbound lane and westbound lane, between OBCR and 85th St. S.W.
  • Extend pathways on north and south sides of Bow Trail to OBCR and Strathcona Blvd.
  • Reduce speed limit to 60km/hr on Bow Trail, providing a safer space to travel in the area.
  • Install a pedestrian signal crossing at 77th St S.W. (approx. 800m, east of 85th St. S.W.)
  • At Bow Trail/85th St. S.W. intersection:
    • Install dual left-turn lanes all four directions
    • Construct two through lanes in all four directions
  • At Bow Trail/OBCR/Strathcona Boulevard intersection:
    • Add a third left-turn lane, from southbound OBCR to eastbound Bow Trail
    • Lengthen the two left turn lanes from westbound Bow Trail to southbound Strathcona Boulevard.

Project timeline
Construction: Spring 2018 – fall 2019

Removing trees
Before mid-April, we are removing a number of trees within the construction zone to make room for the new road and pathways. We will plant approx. 766 new trees along Bow Trail, where space allows, to replace the ones we remove.