Bow Trail Widening Project

The City is widening Bow Trail to two lanes in each direction, between 85 Street S.W. and Old Banff Coach Road (OBCR), with additional improvements at intersections and pathways.

A better Bow Trail:

  • Add eastbound lane and westbound lane, between OBCR and 85th Street S.W., for now and future vehicle volumes.
  • Extend pathways on north and south side of Bow Trail to OBCR and Strathcona Blvd. for better walking and cycling connections between communities and existing pathways.
  • Reduce speed limit to 60km/hr on Bow Trail, providing a safer space to travel in the area.
  • Install pedestrian signal crossing at 77 Street S.W. (approx. 800m, east of 85th Street S.W.), to improve community connections.
  • At Bow Trail/85th Street S.W. intersection:
    • Add dual left-turn lanes all 4 directions
    • Add two through lanes in all directions
  • At Bow Trail/OBCR/Strathcona Blvd. intersection:
    • Add a third left-turn lane, from southbound OBCR to eastbound Bow Trail
    • Lengthen the two left turn lanes from westbound Bow Trail to southbound Strathcona Blvd.

Landscaping and Trees:

  • Remove selected tress and landscaping to make room for the pathways and westbound vehicle lanes.
  • Replant 766 trees and landscape remaining areas along the property lines and pathway with a number of tree species, including ash, poplar, larch, spruce and pine.

Construction highlights – 2019

  • Curb and paving on both westbound and eastbound lanes of Bow Tr. – COMPLETE
  • Intersection improvements on Bow Tr. and Old Banff Coach Rd. – COMPLETE
  • Installation of street lighting, traffic signals, safety cable barrier and storm water system – COMPLETE
  • Open pedestrian crossing near 77 St. S.W. – COMPLETE
  • Pave pathway on north and south sides of Bow Tr. – COMPLETE
  • Installation of noise wall – COMPLETE
  • Landscaping, including planting over 700 trees – Phase 1 COMPLETE

Remaining work for spring 2020

  • Intersection work (pavement reconstruction and final top lift) at Bow Tr./85 St. S.W.
  • Finish landscaping for Phase Two of the project, including west of 85 St. S.W.

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