Planning & Development Committee

The WSCRCA Planning & Development Committee (PDC) is a standing committee of the WSCRCA that reports to the WSCRCA Board of Directors. We encourage you to attend our monthly meetings which are open to all West Springs/Cougar Ridge residents, organizations, business owners, and applicants. Meetings are usually held the 4th Tuesday of every month (except in the summer) at 7pm at the West Springs Calgary Co-Op, 85th Street SW, (in the upstairs community room).

Our mandate is to represent the community in a fair, balanced, and responsible manner on a variety of development-related issues in our neighbourhoods.

We seek to represent the best interests of and provide a voice for the community as a whole in providing feedback to the City and key stakeholders on development proposals (applications for rezoning, subdivision, and development permits ) for our community. The PDC performs an advisory role, and comments on how a proposed development fits into the community, and where possible, suggests changes which could make the proposed development more compatible. Neither the WSCRCA, nor the PDC, have a formal jurisdiction or authority in planning matters, and is thus unable to reject or approve applications. The P&D Committee may also occasionally represents WSCR in community, civic & broader planning issues, with the full respect and authority invested in us.

Community residents may contact the Planning & Development Committee at on any development or traffic issues affecting our community, or with questions regarding the Committee, meetings etc.

The City of Calgary maintains a Planning & Development Map which links to details of applications for land use redesignations and development permits. Residents are encouraged to send in their own comments to the City File Manager for any application they are concerned about. Each application is shown on the map and includes the File Manager’s name and email.

City of Calgary Planning & Development Map

Disclaimer: While we strive for accuracy and currency, we cannot warrant that any third party documents posted here are the latest and most accurate from the developer and/or City.

The West Springs Cougar Ridge Community Association (WSCRCA) has, for many years, followed a practice of not conducting surveys on matters such as Land Use Amendment (LUA) applications, major Area Structure Plan (ASP) changes (such as the West Springs ASP) or major transportation initiatives (such as the west LRT expansion or the construction the ring road). To read more about the reasons which underlie that practice please click on the link below:

Surveys on Development Issues