Brawn Lands Development – Seniors Enclave

In late 2018 the City approved a Land Use Change (LOC2017-0188) for a

proposed development on the Brawn Lands on the NW corner of 85th St. SW and Bow Trail (1127 85th St. S.W., 1166 Wentworth View S.W. and 8888 12th Ave S.W.).   The combined outline plan and land use redesignation application required a mapping amendment to the West Springs Area Structure Plan (ASP) to allow for a change from Low Density Infill to Mixed Use.

Specifically, the proposal is for:

  • Low-density residential R-1 and R-2 lots near Wentwillow Lane S.W.
  • multi-residential (M-H1) lots near 12th Ave S.W.
  • commercial mixed use (C-COR2/MU-1/MU-2) lots near 85th St. S.W.
  • environmental reserve, open space and pathway connections between the uses.

More information is available on page 22 of the boards from the December 2017 open house – click here, and here – at the City’s web page for this development.