West Springs Southeast Area Structure Plan Amendment

West Springs Southeast Area Structure Plan Amendment

Please note: At this time, the project is on hold for further technical review and will not be proceeding to Calgary Planning Commission and Council.

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The City of Calgary is currently working on an amendment to an area within the West Springs Area Structure Plan in response to a request from City Council to update existing local area plans that have significant remaining development or redevelopment capacity to align with the Municipal Development Plan. The study area for the amendment is located in the southeast corner of the West Springs Area Structure Planning Area. The boundary roads are 9 Avenue SW to the north, Coach Ridge Road SW to the east, Bow Trail SW to the south, and 77 Street SW to the west. Parcels highlighted within the study area will be directly affected.

The proposed amendment would change the land use and transportation concept map for the study area.

The purpose of this amendment is to ensure development in this area supports the goals of Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan, which means accommodating a modest increase in density while also incorporating a mix of residential, retail and commercial uses with a focus on transit supportive uses.

This process will take current policy and update relevant components in the existing West Springs Area Structure Plan, a similar exercise to the amendment made in July of 2012 to the plan.

This process is unlikely to affect properties in existing neighbourhoods that have already developed or have been approved for subdivision. Instead, the process will impact parcels in the project boundary that currently do not have land use or subdivision approved (see highlighted parcels on plan map).

For further information please click here see http://www.calgary.ca/PDA/pd/Pages/Current-studies-and-ongoing-activities/West-Springs-Area-Structure-Plan-Amendment.aspx



32 thoughts on “West Springs Southeast Area Structure Plan Amendment

      1. Its not a daycare center its just a play center where you take your kids for a few hours like a bonkers or shakers kinda of deal

    1. I respectfully disagree that Earls is an affordable option (or even a good choice). It’s more of a watering hole and pick up joint than a simple neighborhood beer house or pub. Don’t let the overpriced and underwhelming food fool you! If course, that’s just IMHO.

    1. I think the community association should know who the tenants are.

      The daycare provider will be JoJo’s. Trick is, its not a daycare but rather a preschool. Kids must be 3 to register.

  1. I guess I’m just more concerned about the noise factor and the traffic. Where will the traffic coming out of this business area be directed to? 85th Street or Old Banff Coach Road? And will there be outdoor patios facing the residential area (noise)?

    1. A Bier Haus is no louder than an Earl’s. There are no houses around this area either, other than across OBCR so how would noise even be an issue?

  2. tks for development plan ryan, much appreciated.

    i agree with you Silvana, its amazing how we have waiting lists for 2 huge private schools in our neighborhood but we dont justify a public school. regardless, this development is on the wrong side of old banff coach, we cant register to go to schools there anyway

  3. In response to the facebook complaints about there not being a family restaurant and lack of “market research” for this development:
    Perhaps there was plenty of market research done indicating a high percentage of young professionals with disposable income who would like a night out without screaming children. Isn’t it funny how quickly people forget that the world does not revolve around them simply because they have chosen to reproduce!

    1. Thing’s that kids and communities don’t need here are more fast food joints and bars. I guess you have not “reproduced” since you assume that all kids scream all the time. Either way no community needs fast food on every corner, or another bar, if someone wants a drink or saturated fat and brown food (and I use the term “food” loosely) in this area, there’s about 33 places within 4 minutes of that intersection that can serve them. As you have noted, there’s complaints on that Facebook page….. why do you think that is??? because there’s so many screaming kids… no! it’s because everyone that doesn’t need alcohol or fat to survive, they want’s are Gym’s, Schools, Healthy organic foods, Car Washes, Play area’s so they can enjoy there offspring, not run away from them. Most of those comments that you have so eloquently ignored with your abrupt ignorant attitude is about FAMILY, people want to do more with there family not run away, but I doubt you understand that since your no doubt reading this with a tumbler of booze in one hand and a cigarette in the other…

      1. There is an Anytime Fitness going in there, so your gym comment hold no weight. The people who reside in Cougar Ridge may not want to have to drive further down 85th to go grab a bite and a drink. The next closest place is Fergus and Bix, if you get tired of that you go to Aspen which has a few other places, but is quite a bit further down the road. On top of that maybe they don’t want to drive, so now it’s in walking distance.

        Also change is good, more options are nice. Fast Food is a person’s choice, they just opened an A&W in the Petro Canada down the road, besides that there is really no Fast Food establishments until Aspen, and even there, you don’t have your big chains.

        There is also car washes at the Co-op and the Petro Canada, which are both within visible distance so pointless to put another one, and you may say that it would be dyi, not automated, but the cost to operate in that area, with the size it would need to be wouldn’t be profitable.

        And as for Play Areas, they are building a park right beside it, likely to go along with the day care, as well every community should already have an established park, so why would you go to strip mall to go to the park.

        You seem as though you detest alcohol, which is fine, it’s your choice. But a Bier Haus will hardly draw a young crowd to spend their nights there terrorizing the neighbourhood. Young people these days tend to enjoy being down town, this will be the same people who frequent Fergus and Bix, Original Joe’s in Aspen, all of which tend to be a good group of people. The people who frequent Schooner’s likely wouldn’t step foot into that place.

        This will be beneficial, more so than it will harm the area and the more choice I have for restaurants to enjoy, the happier I am anyway.

      2. I find this post extremely offensive and am surprised it was posted. There are many reasons people may not have childen. Some of which includes physically not being able to, or deciding that it is not a financially feasible decision. In any case, assuming those who chose not to reproduce must, by defult, be raging alcoholics and smokers is ridiculous.

        What our community needs is more vibrancy and connectedness. Those of us witout offspring have the need and desire to connect just as much as the families. Having a gym, a bier house, and other facilities helps with this. Additionally, the more services that are available and integrated into the community, the easier it will be to encourage pedestrian traffic which will in turn increase the sense of community.

        I also think it’s a very good idea to have a bier house within walking distance. Do we really need any more irresponsible people drinking and driving? I don’t think so. No one person is going to agree with all of the establishments going into the complex but I believe they have done a good job of having a mix of everything.

  4. This is west Calgary, is it not? I am pretty sure that a Burger King (or other fast food) drive through is not welcome in this area. And a Dollar store? I thought you were kidding at first. The demographic in this neighbourhood does not shop at Dollar stores nor eat at fast food. Please don’t trash up my neighbourhood with these services.

    1. Really Candy? West Calgary? I’m shocked that you associate West Springs and Cougar Ridge starter homes amongst the “elite” neighborhoods in this city. What a ridiculous comment that your “demographic” does not use fast food or dollar stores. I pity your ignorance.

      1. The WSCRCA encourages respectful conversation from many different viewpoints and believe our users want the same.

        We ultimately reserve the right to remove posts that we believe could stray from this concept.

        The WSCRCA thanks everyone for participating and their willingness to share their perspectives, after all that is why we have the comment section.

  5. We need a day care centre for enfants under 3yrs , we have more than enough pre schools. The area is surrounded by day homes and not all of us like day homes. Very frustrating we have to go all the way d/t .

    1. you bet Judith!! daycares (for ones and twos) and schools (public) are what we need! these neighborhoods are for raising KIDS. if you not interested IN KIDS, take your night out downtown or better yet, move downtown. some adult told me to take my 3 year old and his bike off the sidewalk!! what, lets teach our 3 year olds to ride bike on the street! until they are old enough, kids ride bike on the sidewalk mister!! move back downtown!! anyhow, there are no kids out past 9 anyways, if you don’t like kids go out after 9.

      1. Wow, Kris, that is shockingly arrogant. I don’t recall a singular “purpose” for these neighbourhoods in anything I signed when I bought my house here. While I would be supportive of daycares and schools (both public and separate), I also appreciate being able to enjoy an adult evening in my home neighbourhood rather than having to find transport to/from downtown sometimes, and I do not want to move away from our family home to downtown because I am still raising my children here even though they are no longer three.

        Once yours are teenagers or young adults, I suspect you would find comments made by others with an arrogant tone telling you to “… Better yet, move downtown” to be offensive as well. You are not the “owner” of the neighbourhood. It is a community.

        By the way, I am personally fine with three year olds using the sidewalk – mine did.

  6. Has anyone who lives along OBCR been woken up at 4:00 a.m. (frequently) by a snowblower clearing snow on the sidewalks at the new retail facility? I’ve called City Bylaw and they’re unable to do anything about it due to an exception with snow clearing (which is allowed within 48 hrs. after a snowfall). I can see how this fits with clearing of roads, for which they just drive by and it’s over. For sidewalks? The noise goes on for at least 1/2 hr. Not satisfied with the Bylaw’s response for this issue, so I’ve sent an email to Pootman’s office and one if his team members is looking into it further. Please notify the Alderman’s office if this has affected your sleep and lack thereof!

    1. I live closer to the Co op, but have also had this problem, usually around 5 am. Do you have contact information for the Alderman’s office?

  7. Mark, I agree with you that communities are not singular purpose. However, I am sure I am not the only one who moved from downtown to the suburbs to raise kids. You obviously chose the same neighborhood to raise kids. Anyhow, we have Fergus and Bix, Mercato, Vin, etc., where adults can go. Some parents with kids go to these places but not usually. Especially not late. This Bierhaus we are referring to, I believe will accept kids…the Bierhaus in Glenmore Landing does, so woo hoo!! My point is Mark, people purposely raise kids in the suburbs, if you don’t like kids, there are other places to live.

    1. Kris, I agree that people move to neighbourhoods like ours to raise kids. Some move here for other reasons too, such as to have a yard or a garage because they garden or work on their car – and some, without kids. They may or may not like kids but should be tolerant of them given their choice of neighbourhood. I did not raise my kids here from young, for me it is more about spending time with my young adult children and working on our motorcycles. I hope I am accepted in the neighbourhood in the same way that I accept my neighbours who need daycare. When my son and I finish working in the garage and go to Fergus and Bix for a beer, I will remember to slow down for young children, and I only ask that others remember to not complain when I buy wine at Vin Room or sit on a patio for a brew (decidedly adult activities). And whether I “like” kids or not should be irrelevant – that is another thing I don’t remember as a neighbourhood requirement.

      The posts showing up on this board are notably intolerant of each other’s preferences, which disappoints me about some of the people in this neighbourhood. I can totally respect people indicating their preferences or needs, but when it becomes intolerance, I have to object.

      Thank you for your response.

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