Ripley Land Development

In late 2019 the City of Calgary received an update for the application, LOC2014-0072, to redesignate (rezone) an area of land directly east of WinSport/Canada Olympic Park at 430 85th Street SW.

The current land use for this area, as outlined in the Canada Olympic Park and Adjacent Lands Area Structure Plan, supports the following development on this site:

  • Development across the disturbed and undisturbed areas.
    • A hotel with up to 100 rooms, a restaurant, retreat centre and a spa; or
    • Low density residential development within the natural undisturbed area (subject to further review of environmental constraints).

The proposed land use would allow for:

  • Limit development to only the disturbed area.
  • Preservation of the undisturbed natural area.
  • Public access agreements to allow public use of the natural areas on the site.
  • Additional residential density which would allow for residential buildings up to 5 storeys in height (a Floor Area Ratio of 2.5).

Specifically, the applicant is seeking to redesginate 3.1 hectares of land located off 85 St S.W. from special purpose future urban development (S-FUD) to: 1.04 hectares “multi-residential – medium profile district” (M-2 d60 (60 units max. per hectare)), 1.93 hectares “special purpose urban nature” (S-UN), and 0.10 hectares “Special Purpose – school, park & community reserve (S-SPR), to allow for multi-residential units and the preservation of environmentally sensitive areas to be dedicated to The City as part of the Paskapoo Slopes Park.

Visit the City’s website for more information and the May 2017 Open House Session Boards: