West District & West Springs ASP Amendment

West DistrictOn December 14, 2017, City Administration presented the draft West Springs Area Structure Plan amendment to Calgary Planning Commission (CPC).  CPC recommended approval of the ASP, with no changes, to City Council.  The Area Structure Plan was presented to City Council during a Public Hearing on February 20, 2018, where it was approved.

The neighbourhood is proposed for a large, yet-to-be-developed pocket of land within the communities of West Springs/Cougar Ridge, in southwest Calgary. Initial ideas for West District are focused on creating a vibrant, compact and connected neighbourhood that will enhance surrounding neighbourhoods and provide a great quality of life for existing and future residents.

The proposed West District planning area is approximately 95 acres (38 hectares) in size and is generally described as lands located south of Old Banff Coach Road SW, east of 85 Street SW, west of 77 Street SW, and north of 9 Avenue SW.

In conjunction with this proposed development, the City is evaluating an amendment to the West Springs Area Structure Plan (ASP).

For information on the status of the amendment and public consultation process, click on the links :  West Springs ASP Amendments  or What we heard

6 thoughts on “West District & West Springs ASP Amendment

  1. I have recently visited the engagement hub and have come to learn that the proposed development is HIGH density housing which includes Town homes, Retail and Apartment buildings 4 to 12 stories, the height is yet to be determined. Parking will be max. 1.4 stales per unit. They made it very clear that there would be NO single family homes. The land is currently zoned for single family homes by the city and Truman is trying to change this. If the proposed development goes thru it would house at least a thousand new people. I have many concerns with this HIGH density proposal my main concern is the proposed Apartment Buildings. If you are concerned please go to the Hub, the city and voice them. They are Closing the Hub JULY 12th.

  2. I have a house in cougar ridge and have no concerns with the proposed west district. To be honest I’m a little tired of the cookie cutter single family home communities. I would welcome something different and unique and not have to travel down to Kensington or Marda Loop to enjoy it. If it aligns with the completion of the west leg of stoney trail than I’m all for it. There is still plenty of undeveloped space in the southeast corner of west springs for single family homes.

  3. I also am not opposed to the land being developed. I am concerned with the proposed 3500 doors and 8-12 story apartment buildings in such a small space 🙂

  4. I have visited the engage hub and found it a very proactive approach. As far as the density, i welcome the diversity and opportunity that this concept can bring to our communities. More people equals greater retail offerings. First concern, which I am sure most people would agree with is the access to schools. This can be solved by tieing the school construction and cost to developer. My biggest concern is only the impact on traffic at the intersections ofBoow Trail at old Banff Coach and at 85th. Both of which are already beyond capacity during rush hour. The SW ring road and the improvements to bow trail required to connect to it should be sufficient as long as timing of projects are taken into account.

  5. I think development for the land is very beneficial. The concept of a “marda loop” or “garrison woods” is exciting. I notice that they have posted feedback from their engagement hub http://westdistrict.ca/.I also agree with the post above “more people equal greater retail and more attractive”.

    There is also another development not posted here that is at west 85th phase II. I have heard a lot of people asking for more “kid-friendly” places…I believe they have some at this development. I heard that the is a Main Dish with a restaurant, Mama Massage (that has a child minding area), OPI, a kids craft space (I think it is called fire or something like that) , Oriental Phoenix to Go.

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