Dog Pawty FAQ

Really?  I can bring my dog to meet and play with other dogs?
Yes!  Dogs are welcome but must be on a short leash, except for when in the Bark Yard, and under control at all times. Dog(s) must be up to date on their vaccinations (according to your vet’s recommendations)  is not displaying any symptoms of illness (i,.e. kennel cough, diarrhea, vomiting etc.), is not “in heat”, and does not/has not displayed aggressive behaviour, he/she is welcome to attend the event and play in the off-leash Bark Yard.

***A WAIVER must be signed for each dog. Please print WAIVER here and bring to the Registration Tent at the event. 

NOTE: This will be a very busy area with many people, dogs and new sounds, which may be very stressful for some dogs.  Please consider carefully whether your dog(s) will cope well at this event.

OUTSIDE the fenced Bark Yard, dogs must be on a short leash (no retractable leashes!) and under the control of their handler.

What if my dog isn’t well socialized or is nervous?
As long as your dog is not aggressive, and is well behaved in an off leash setting, your dog is welcome to attend.  The WSCRCA reserves the right to remove a dog from the event for displaying aggressive or uncontrolled behaviour towards other people/dogs.    It is up to the dog owner to ensure that their dog behaves appropriately for the setting.

Will the dogs be separated by size in the fenced off-leash play area?
YES!  There will be 2 doggy play areas in the Bark Yard – one for small dogs and another for larger dogs.

So, this is like dropping my dog off at daycare?
Actually – no, it’s not.  All dog owners must supervise their dog at all times – so you can’t leave him/her in the play area and take a look at the booths.  Each dog owner is responsible for picking up after their dog if necessary, and intervening if there are any behavioural issues.  Very importantly – do not feed your own dog, or any other dog, during this playtime as this can trigger aggressive behaviour in some dogs.

And it’s FREE to attend?  Seriously?
Yes!  This is a FREE event for your family –  your dog(s) gets to play and socialize with other dogs, and you will meet local WSCR residents who also love dogs!

Will there be food/beverages for sale at the event?
Yes! Several food trucks will be available for the community.

Water in bowls will be available for the dogs inside and outside the Bark Yard however.

What can/can’t I bring to the event?
You can bring all registered, well behaved dogs, as well as your family.  Each dog owner will be required to:

  1.  Supervise their dog/behaviour at all times.
  2.  Keep dog(s) on a short leash and under control.
  3.  Pick up after their dog immediately.
  4.  NOT give food/treats to your dog(s), or other dogs, in the off leash area, or when in close proximity to other dogs. 
  5.  Agree to the terms of the waiver.