Police Information Checks

The WSCR Communication Association requires all Coaches, including On-Field Coaching Support volunteers, to have a current and valid security check completed, to ensure the safest possible environment for our minor players.

Security clearances are valid for three years from the year it was processed.


If you have a valid one already, please email a copy of it to pic@wscr.ca. PLEASE include the first and last name of the volunteer in the subject heading, and include first and last name in the document file name. Alternatively, you can also go into the police information check website and share it with WEST SPRINGS/COUGAR RIDGE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION.


Here are the steps:

STEP 1: Download the Volunteer Letter here: LINK. You will need to print it, add your name and upload it during the application process.

STEP 2: Visit www.policeinformationcheck.calgarypolice.ca and select “Perform Personal Police Information Check” (or “Login With Existing Account” and “New Application”. The website describes all the requirements and steps to obtaining your check. READ THEM CAREFULLY TO AVOID MISTAKES.

STEP 3: Once you receive your completed letter, then either share it in the police information check portal or email a copy to pic@wscr.ca. Ensure you read the letter to determine if it is cleared or if they need you to attend in person.


Once cleared, applicants are able to volunteer as a coach or on-field coaching support for a period of three years.

If you cannot apply online, or wish not to proceed online, you can visit the following CPS website to learn how to apply at a district location in person: http://www.calgary.ca/cps/Pages/Public-Services/Police-Information-Checks.aspx

If you reside outside Calgary you must obtain a security clearance from the RCMP agency in the jurisdiction where you live, using the same volunteer letter above.