Board & Volunteers
    Executive Committee
    Position Name
    President Karla Gibson
    Vice President Kelly Smith
    Secretary Gloria Wilkinson
    Treasurer Tenzin Sangalabrang
    Executive Assistant Kaitlin Mitchell
    Commitee Member(s)
    (bold font indicates Board Director)
    Charity Casino Eileen Teasdale
    Kimberly Paw
    Communications Heather Zaba
    Newsletter Brianna Norgaard
    Family Programs Vacant
    Membership Eileen Teasdale
    Planning & Development Joe Healey
    Linda Nesset
    Eileen Teasdale
    Denis Ho
    Patrick Sinclair
    Yvonne Harper
    Renee Alessio
    Sponsorship Taiwo Adetola
    Latosia Campbell-Walters
    Treasurer Coordinator Samantha See
    Website Editor Caroline Anderson
    Soccer Kimberly Paw
    Steve Berman
    Skating Kimberly Paw
    Volunteers Vacant
    Traffic Denis Ho
    Recycling Event Faheem Ahmed
    Building Safer Communities Group Heather Zaba
    Stampede Breakfast Justin Barrett
    Community Garden Vacant
    Directors at Large Boyd England
    Stavrianna Kodellas
    Meetings & Minutes

    WSCRCA Board

    WSCRCA Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month (excluding July and August) at 7:00 p.m. using Zoom or in the upstairs community room at the West Springs Calgary Co-op. Board meetings are open to the public. Please email to find out the details for the upcoming meeting. Meeting minutes will be posted regularly. View board meeting minutes.

    Planning & Development Committee

    The Planning & Development Committee meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of every month (excluding July and August) at 7:00 p.m. Planning & Development meetings are open to the public. Please email to find out the details for the upcoming meeting. Meeting minutes will be posted regularly. View Planning & Development meeting minutes.

    Annual General Meeting

    The WSCRCA AGM is typically held in June. View AGM meeting minutes.

    By-Laws & Objects

    The by-laws and objects of the West Springs/Cougar Ridge Community Association were officially approved during a Special General Meeting held on March 29, 2011.

    These documents were subsequently submitted for approval and registration to Alberta's Corporate Registry, in compliance with the Societies Act. We are pleased to inform you that the new by-laws and objects have been granted approval by the Registrar of Corporations and are now in effect.

    For further information or any inquiries, please feel free to contact us at

    To view the PDF version, you can click here for the WSCRCA Bylaws.

    The West Springs/Cougar Ridge Community Association has established the following objects:

    • a) To provide a platform that fosters a unified and respected voice, representing the community as a whole.
    • b) To engage in negotiations with third parties on behalf of the entire community.
    • c) To actively promote and facilitate a wide range of recreational, social, and sport activities for the residents of our community.
    • d) To acquire, lease, or hold lands, buildings, or any related interests for the purpose of effectively achieving the Association's objects.
    • e) To serve as a proactive advocate and champion for the collective interests of the entire community, adapting and promoting suitable initiatives as needed.

    We are committed to upholding these by-laws and objects to ensure the welfare and prosperity of our community.

    Community History

    The Paskapoo Slopes, an integral part of the West Springs and Cougar Ridge Communities, is a unique area with significant ecological and historical resources. A base line archaeological inventory and assessment was carried out in May and June 1997 of Precontact Native Archaeological Sites in the East Paskapoo Slopes and adjacent areas.

    In total, there are now 49 significant sites identified, including a number of campsites, kill sites, sweat pits and others. Bison were not only driven into corrals along the uppermost slopes below the escarpment; they were also driven and trapped at lower levels along the slopes. The result is a series of kill/processing camps extending down the slopes. Similar complexities in moving herds to specific sites have been documented at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump west of Ft. Macleod.

    The pattern is similar in kind and intensity to that found associated with large bison kills/processing camps along the Porcupine Hills. The main differences observed at the Paskapoo Slopes is primarily that the bison driving and processing is spread out laterally and vertically along the slopes and, although intensive, it is spread over 2 km of slope. Stacked together, the layers of artifacts would no doubt represent the intensity found in the deep bone beds and campsites deposits at jumps and camps such as that of Old Woman’s Buffalo Jump.

    During the fall of 2000, an extensive archaeological study was performed on the significant sites located along the storm and sanitary utility corridor for the Cougar Ridge Community. This trunk now runs down the Paskapoo Slopes. Before it was installed, these digs were completed.

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    What Does the West Spring Cougar Ridge Community Association Do?

    We Run Youth Related
    • WSCRCA Soccer League (U4 to U12)
    • Summer Day Camps
    • Little Warriors Stewards of Children Workshop
    • GirlPower Workshops
    • GoodGuys Workshops
    • Ski/Snowboard Nights at WinSport
    • Learn to Skate at WinSport
    We’re Your Voice at
    City Hall
    • Planning & Development Proposals
    • Area Structure Plans
    • Traffic
    • Parks & Recreation
    • Liaison with the City of Calgary
    We Support Community
    • Community Recycling & Clean-up
    • Charity Stampede Breakfast
    • Charity Casino (AGLC) Fundraising
    • Playground Construction at Local Schools
    • Seniors Socials & Speaker Series
    • Adult Fitness & Yoga

    WSCRCA Community Association
    vs. Residents & Homeowners

    WSCR Community Association

    Membership is voluntary.

    Represents all households within its boundaries (from Cougar Ridge to Bow Trail, 101st Street to Coach Hill) in discussions with The City of Calgary, land developers, schools, and other organizations.

    Organizes recreational and informative programs for community members.

    Organizes community-wide
    social events.

    WSCR Residents or Homeowners Association

    Required as part of being a homeowner.

    Annual fees, if levied, are secured by an encumbrance registered against the property title. Fees must be paid in full prior to the sale of a home.

    Maintains the landscaping and other amenities in the various public green spaces for a specific subdivision.

    Click on the association you're most interested in below to learn more.
    Cougar Ridge Resident’s Association
    Springside Residents
    Wentworth Residents
    West Grove Estates HOA
    Westpark Residents Association
    West Springs Farm Home
    Owners Association

    Contact Us

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    Otherwise, please fill out the form on the right and one of our volunteers will reach out to you.

    Mailing Address

    Suite 138, Unit 406,917 - 85 Street SW Calgary, Alberta
    T3H 5Z9