Notice of the WSCRCA Annual General Meeting

West Springs/Cougar Ridge Community Association  Annual General Meeting Tuesday, June 18, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. West Ridge SchoolRoom 1096, 8903 Wentworth Ave. S.W. Please join us for a look back on the great successes we have had over the past year and to hear about the things we do for our community such as events, programs, donations, planning/development. … Continue reading Notice of the WSCRCA Annual General Meeting


Community Recycling Event – A Big Success!

About 650 cars passed through the Community Recycling Event loaded with recycling, electronics, mattresses, stripped baby seats, scrap metal, or water items. Thanks to Paul Ghazar (chair), our 30 WSCRCA volunteers and the staff from our event partners, everything was unloaded and put in its proper place. Thank you to the community for your generous … Continue reading Community Recycling Event – A Big Success!


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