Main Soccer League Info Page

WSCRCA Soccer League information can be found on the following 3 web pages:

  1. Main soccer league info page: (key dates, general info on registration, age groups, play fields, volunteering, and more)
  2. Age group information (including age cutoffs and fees):
  3. Soccer volunteer roles:
  4. Soccer Covid-19 Plan Highlights: Covid-19 Plan

COVID 19: The WSCRCA soccer program will be run in accordance with and adherence to all Alberta Health Services guidelines and recommendations in place at the time the soccer season begins.

Abuse Prevention Protocol (APP): The WSCRCA  soccer program will be run in accordance with and adherence to the policies outlined in the APP which can be found here.


Key Dates

  • Early bird registration: December 8, 2020 – February 15, 2021
  • Regular registration begins: February 16, 2021
  • Registration closes: March 31
  • U10 Evaluations (skills): May 1
  • U10 Evaluations (scrimmage): Cancelled
  • U4/U6 Pre-season Coaches Clinic: May 4
  • U8/U10 Pre-season Coaches Clinic: May 5

Our season will run from approximatelyJune 1 to July 31 (Updated May 16)

  • U4/U6/U8 Start Date: Week of June 1 (Updated May 16)
  • U10 Start Date: June 1 (Updated May 16)
  • U8 Technical Training Session:  (TBD)
  • U10 Technical Training Sessions: (TBD)
  • Picture Day: June 12 (Tentative) (Updated May 16)
  • Picture Make-Up Day: June 19 (Tentative) (Updated May 16)
      • Not for retakes, missed photos only.
  • Victoria Day Long Weekend: There will be games on May long weekend for those who are in town. Experience suggests that better than 60% of each team usually attends.
    Team splitting can be adjusted to suit as required.
  • U4/U6/U8 Year End Tournament: Saturday, July 31 (Updated May 16)
  • SWL U10 Year-end Tournament: Saturday, Aug 7 (Updated May 16)


Registration will open in December (as per the Key Dates above). Registration is based on a first come, first served basis with a limited number of spots in each age group. Age groups may sell out at any time. Please click here to register.

What happens after I register?

After completing your registration, you will receive a welcome e-mail and then in early to mid-April you will be contacted by your coach or manager. U10 age group registrants will also receive information on player evaluations (see Key Dates above). If you do not receive a welcome e-mail after registration, please contact 

What’s Included in Your Fees

U4 to U10 player will receive a uniform (jersey, shorts, socks, soccer ball*, medal, photo, year end tournament (includes Tim Horton’s food, Timbits, drinks). Thanks to the generosity of our local Tim Horton’s stores (both OBCR & 9th Ave locations) who help provide the jerseys, socks, balls, medals, and year end food & beverages! (*unfortunately U10’s play with a size 4 ball and will not receive a ball to keep)

Age Groups

The age groups are arranged according to the age of the players. For more information, including ages, practices, game times, and more, please click here.

U10 Players

For U10 players, WSCRCA partners with the South West League (SWL) to provide a soccer season for this age group.  The SWL is managed by representatives from the participating communities of West Springs/Cougar Ridge, Triwest, West Hills United, Glamorgan, CalGlen, and Scarboro, presenting upwards of 700 players. The SWL was set up to provide consistent days of play, limited travel, and focus primarily on fun and player development.  Like the Calgary Minor Soccer Association (CMSA), the SWL has multiple divisions of play and allows the U10 age players to play on teams with other at a similar skill level. However, unlike CMSA that encompasses teams throughout the city, the travel for the SWL players is limited to the participating communities. Also, SWL games are scheduled Mondays/Wednesdays for the girls and Tuesdays/Thursdays for the boys, whereas CMSA teams play on varying days of the  week or weekend, and the season extends into the summer and possibly resumes for a few weeks in the fall. See team assignments for U10 specific information.

Soccer Fields

All games for our community soccer program will be played on West Springs and Cougar Ridge fields. For more information about fields, please click here.  Note:  There are three field locations/instructions in this link.  To see these simply hover your mouse over the picture to see page numbers in the bottom left corner.

  • U4 and U6 games will be played at the Waldorf school fields at 515 Cougar Ridge Drive S.W.
  • U8 games will be played at the fields along Cougar Ridge Dr and Cougar Plateau Way S.W.
  • U10 games will be split between home games (Waldorf School fields) and away games in the communities involved in the U10 SWL.

West Springs / Cougar Ridge Community Membership

The purchase of a $25 Regular Membership to our community association is required for registration. Players from all neighbouring communities are welcome to register and participate in the program as well. To purchase your membership, please click here.


Jerseys, shorts and socks will be provided to all players, which they can keep at the end of the season.


  • Appropriate footwear is required. Cleats are not necessary for U4 and U6 age groups.
  • Shin pads are mandatory for all players, including during practices.
  • Soccer balls and other equipment will be supplied by the WSCRCA Soccer League.


This is an all-weather soccer program, so please remember that we play in the rain. WSCRCA does not send out field cancellation notices. Decisions are left up to the parents at the field. On those cold mornings or evenings, we recommend that the kids wear toques and gloves. We normally do not play if there is snow on the fields or danger of lightning.

Mandatory Guardian Attendance

At least one parent/guardian is required to be in attendance for the duration of each game or practice. Parents are expected to administer first aid to their child in the unfortunate and unlikely event of injury.

Parent Volunteers

(NEW 2021) WSCRCA is continually looking at ways to improve our experience for volunteers, parents and players. We are excited about trying (3) new ideas; a new volunteering preference selection tool, offering a volunteer buy-out option and friend request preference for key volunteer positions.

WSCRCA soccer needs a small contribution of time from all the parents. Our soccer program requires that one parent in each family make themselves available as a volunteer for each of their registered children.  Please click on this link for a description of the various Volunteer Roles. During registration you will have the opportunity to select the position you would prefer. Volunteer assignments will be based on these indications and will ultimately be assigned by the Age Group Coordinators or other volunteers, as needed.

Many positions require little knowledge of soccer.  Some position can be shared by a group of people.  There will be full support from our strong group of existing volunteers.  It’s a fun way to get out and meet some of your neighbours and to get involved.  You will be working together, often in a team environment, with others who will help you and explain the responsibilities in more detail.

(New 2021) Age Group Coordinators, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Team Managers will have preference with friends requests. Refer to the “Team Assignment” section below for more details.

(NEW 2021) Based on previous feedback, we have added a new $100 volunteer buy-out option during registration. This is purely optional and meant for those that cannot volunteer. Our volunteering opportunities include those involved in pre-season and in-season with varying levels of commitment.


All withdrawal/refund requests must be submitted in writing to (not to your Age Group Coordinator or Coach).

Refund requests will be processed up to the registration closing date (see Key Dates). Refunds may be processed after this date if they are of a medical nature and accompanied by a doctor’s note.

A $25 administration fee will be deducted from all refunds. This offsets the cost of the administration with online schedule, possible team shuffling and equipment if other players cannot be found. Refund requests can take up to 30 days to be completed.

*New COVID-19 Refund Policy – Book with confidence

Full refunds will be issued if the season is cancelled prior to its start date due to Government and/or Health Authority restrictions.

Team Assignments

U4 / U6/ U8 Teams

Players in U4, U6, and U8 will be randomly assigned to teams within their age groups. Requests for specific players to be put on the same team are to be done during the online registration process (maximum 1 per player and must be reciprocal with the other player doing the same); although our parent volunteers do their best, we cannot guarantee that all requests will be fulfilled. New for 2021, Age Group Coordinators, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Team Managers will be given priority for friend requests. Player requests outside of the registration process will be accepted on a case by case basis and may depend on the timing of the team creation process. Assigning players to teams will occur after league registration has closed.

Note:  There are no evaluations for U4, U6 and U8 players.

U10 Teams – Player Evaluations

WSCRCA is continually looking at how to improve the experience our players and members have.  Through feedback from parents and soliciting other U10 SWL clubs, we found that WSCRCA is one of the last clubs to randomly select U10 teams. We tried player evaluation in 2018 and have decided to continue until further notice. Please see the details below.  Those registered for U10 will receive e-mails when more information is known.  We feel this will make for a more positive experience for the children and parents in our U10 program.

While we are still accommodating friend requests, to provide the best soccer experience for all players, it is important that we form teams of players with similar skills/experience.

In cases where your child evaluates on a higher tier than their friend request, we will do our best to move your child down a tier. Please remember we cannot guarantee friend requests, but our volunteers do their best. Please contact if you do not want your child moved down a tier.

Evaluations Dates & Times for Boys & Girls


  • 11:00 AM to 11:45 AM Group 1
  • 12:00 PM to 12:45 PM Group 2
  • 1:00 PM to 1:45 PM Group 3
  • 2:00 PM to 2:45 PM Group 4
  • 3:00 PM to 3:45 PM Group 5

Soccer Field Maps: click here

What’s New

  • COVID compliant safety protocols
    • Drop & Go – no spectators (may wait in vehicle).
    • Mask mandatory for all attendees (players & parents/guardians).
    • Practice physical distancing when arriving/departing the fields.
    • Timed based skill evaluations only – no scrimmages
    • Cohorts limited to groups of 10 with 3 meters spacing between each cohort.
    • Do not bring water bottles on the field.

Please come prepared to exercise wearing outdoor running/soccer shoes. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your allotted time for check-in. If you are unable to make the allocated times for your age group, please notify your Age Group Coordinators


Coaches’ Clinics

We intend to host coaches’ clinics for all coaches from U4 through U10 around mid-April (see exact dates under Key Dates above). We encourage all coaches and assistants to attend even if they have attended clinics before, as things change every year. The more the coach knows and the more drills that the coach knows, the better our program is and the more skillful the players become. Your coordinator will contact you with further detail.

Coaches should come prepared for both classroom and active participation in soccer drills / activities for the coaches’ clinics. These will be done inside a local gym. Clean indoor running shoes are required.

For more information, contact us by email: